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Science Writing, Editing, and Tutorial Services


We are offering an academic proofreading service to help support the free and low-cost publications that we put out.

Proofreading Student Papers

For many science teachers, the required curriculum is packed very tightly into the school year, and with often-overflowing classrooms, writing skills are often left to other teachers.  This is not a failing of the science teacher – it is just the reality of teaching in many schools across the country.  With that in mind, we want to act as writing coaches for students writing essays or papers for science classes or projects.  We are not in the business of actually writing papers – as educators and former educators ourselves, we are particularly sensitive to the problem of students paying people to write papers for them.  Our approach is to minimize the number of words we put down on paper for a student, and concentrate on

  1. Keeping the student’s writing style/voice intact.
  2. Making suggestions for content by asking questions that the student may have overlooked or forgotten.
  3. Helping the student map out her or his line of logical argument through the paper.
  4. Making suggestions for improving organization to bring greater clarity to the student’s writing.

Our aim is not just to improve one paper, but to give students the tools to improve their writing skills.

We have the expertise to help with high school essays and papers in any scientific discipline, including help with science fair research ideas.

For college papers, we are probably able to help with most freshman-level science topics, but at higher levels, we would probably only be useful for papers dealing with the biological sciences or health/medicine.

We will always assess whether or not we can be helpful before charging for any work.


A complete fee schedule is available upon request.

Financial Aid is available to students on request and application.

Get Started!

Just send an email to proof@axopub.com.  In the subject line, include your name and whether this is for regular or express service.  In the body of the email, give a brief description of your assignment, as well as the class that it is for.  Finally, attach your draft to the email.

When we receive your email, we will assess the work that needs to be done, and email you back with the fee.  You can make a payment using Dwolla, our payment processor.  The email will contain the appropriate link, or you can come back to this page, and enter the appropriate amount in the payment widget below, which will take you to the Dwolla site to finish payment.

You can use Dwolla as an unregistered guest if you pay by bank checking account, or you can register with Dwolla (free of charge) and use a credit card.

Once we receive payment, we’ll get to work and email you an edited draft as soon as we can.  If you are unclear as to any of our notes, edits, or suggestions, we will be happy to clarify our ideas and work with you via email exchanges for no additional charge.